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Wood Fence Installation

Nothing is more classic than a wood fence. A wood fence is an alternative that gives strength, seclusion, and natural quality at a low maintenance cost. All American Fence and Gate has been assisting clients in selecting and installing the ideal wood fence and gate systems since 2011. The feeling of security you want is provided by a wooden privacy fence. Additionally, they come in a picket design, which provides your yard a beautiful appearance. Pets and children can be kept safe by wood fences, and they can do it in a fashionable way. Enjoy the convenience and elegance that All American Fence and Gate offers.

Advantages of wooden fences

They are used to block the dacha and suburban area, protect the territory from prying eyes, unwanted encroachments of people and animals. They are also installed in the yard to divide the site into zones.

Customers will be pleased with the affordable cost of a wooden fence and its characteristics:

  1. Durability – The wood is treated with special means from decay and harmful environmental effects, the fence will last you 10-15 years.

  2. Unique design – edges are made in various shapes, configurations and shades, the design depends on the wishes of the customer.

  3. Environmental friendliness – natural material is beautiful in appearance, does not harm a person and the environment, smells like a forest, creates comfort and warmth.

The design will ennoble the area, complement it, becomes a highlight and the finishing touch in the landscape. It features quick installation and affordable price, easy to install.

Wood fence options

Our company can install wooden fences of various types; we have the necessary components for this. The variety of products will please the customer, and the beauty of natural wood will fascinate. There are types of wooden fences according to the type of installation:

  • Wooden picket fence – a planed pine board is attached vertically to horizontal rails, it is firmly nailed. The fence can be mounted with a common canvas or with gaps.
  • Braid – a picket fence is used, which is woven into vertical logs. The design is based on weaving technology – horizontal or vertical.
  • Checkerboard – both sides of the fence have a front view. Boards of the same size are used. They are fastened vertically in a checkerboard pattern to the transverse frame with equal pitch.
  • Herringbone or ladder – located horizontally, they are fixed at an angle to each other with a slight overlap. This product is of a deaf type, without gaps.
  • Blinds – fasten the boards at an angle with a small gap so that the street is visible from the yard, and the yard is hidden from someone else’s view. Viewing depends on the angle of the fence.

Our Wood Fencing Services in Florida

At All American Fence and Gate, We offer all wood fencing services since we are aware that the needs of our clients who use wood fencing vary. Check out the wood fence services we provide below:

  • Wood Fence Repair: We can assist if your wood fence is damaged. Whether your wood fence is experiencing wood rot, weather damage, vandalism, or another problem, we can promptly resolve it. Our top priority is providing quick services to stop your property from being exposed due to a fencing problem.
  • Wood Fence Replacement: We make it as simple as possible for you to replace an existing wood fence in Florida. We will remove all existing wood fencing materials from your property and replace them with a brand-new fence.
  • Wood Fence Installation: We can install new wood fencing whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, and we’re happy to offer custom designs.

Construction of wood fences

It is recommended to install a wooden fence on a summer or warm spring day when there is no rain. The construction of the wooden fence is carried out after calculations and measurement of the site. Further, on the site prepared for work, holes are made in the soil every 2.5 m, into which metal poles are driven in, the depth will be 100-150 cm.

Boards are attached to the resulting frame, 80-150 mm wide, their optimal thickness is 18-20 mm. We use the installation method chosen by the customer.

Performing the installation of a wooden fence, we use different options for supporting pillars.

Among them the most popular are:

  • Metal – Inexpensive and popular option. Pipes are installed from the inside of the structure, they are not visible from the street. We use them for deaf fences and with gaps.
  • Brick – the fence looks expensive, has the highest strength and will last a long time. Install the brick on the foundation, fix the boards directly into the brickwork.
  • Monolithic – they are built from square decorative elements. Apply bricks of different shades and textures. For such a structure, a foundation is needed.

The choice of poles depends on the condition of the soil, as well as on the type and complexity of the design chosen by the customer.


  • Territory measurement
    Free departure of the measurer to your site to remove the calculations for the fence
  • Installation of wooden fence posts
    Departure of the brigade to the site on the appointed day to install the poles
  • Fasteners lag to poles
    Having installed the pillars, we install the log.
  • Fasteners of wooden material to the finished structure
    Next, we attach the wooden material of your choice to the finished frame.
  • Carrying out finishing work
    At the end of the installation of a wooden fence, we carry out an inspection and clean up the territory

Benefits of Installing wooden fence with Us

We represent services and serve the population throughout the Florida region. Our experts will install a durable wooden fence for you in the shortest time possible.

What we offer:

  • Free departure of the measurer to your home – he will perform all the necessary measurements and calculate the estimate.
  • We employ specialists with extensive experience
  • When ordering, the condition of the site and its exterior, the wishes of the customer are taken into account.
  • We will make a fence and install it, you accept the finished work. We guarantee the quality of the service, we will correct the shortcomings for free if they suddenly appear within a year.

Contact the Best Wood Fence Service in Florida Today!

Working with customers that are looking for premium wooden fences is something we constantly look forward to.

Call All American Fence and Gate at 239-244-2395 right away if you have any concerns about the wood fence services we offer.


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